Ken Sem Kong serves the Southeast Asian Ministries of The Navigators. He is married to Rachel Kong. Both Rachel and Ken serve the Southeast Asian community in Long Beach, Ca. God has used Rachel and Ken (and Ken’s dad) to plant 5 gospel movements in Cambodia. God is also using Rachel and Ken in Thailand, helping people in Thailand know Jesus better.

In the US, Ken teaches and speaks at conferences throughout the United States.   He trains, mentors and disciples emerging leaders. In addition, he serves as a director for the Southeast Asian Catalyst, a network of Southeast Asian leaders who are called to ignite a missional movement of Southeast Asian Jesus followers to impact the world.

Ken + Rachel Kong

Rachel Kong

I was born in the States but relocated to Thailand at a very young age. Enrolling in a local school helped me become acculturated quite quickly. Growing up in church allowed me to hear about Jesus at a very young age. At the age of 15, I first heard about missionaries and this allowed me to dream of becoming one. Around the same time, I had a vision of being a missionary in a rural area. A couple of years later, I gave my life to the Lord and had my ups and downs in my journey with Him. However, God does not waste anything during this difficult time. When I recommitted my life to Him, God began to cultivate my heart for the lost especially in the area of nutrition and health.


For the past few years, I began to dream of ways to help people, especially those who are undereducated and have financial difficulty which prevents them from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As Ken and I are preparing to move to Cambodia, I am working on finishing my M.S. in Nutrition, so I can get a job at a non-profit organization as a mean to network with these local Cambodians and help educate them to have a better lifestyle. In the future, I am also hoping to start a homegrown garden, teach cooking classes, and eventually start a farm-to-fork business, so we can use this opportunity to build natural networks with our employees, lead them to Jesus, and eventually disciple them.