God has called us to reach out to our families in Southeast Asia. Currently, we are seeking that the Kingdom of God will continue to advance in Cambodia and Thailand. We have taken trips back to Cambodia and through these trips we have prayed, shared, and served our family. Through this we have seen Cambodians give their life to Christ. Thais trust Jesus in deeper ways.

How do we do this? We pray. We map out our family tree. We contact them about visiting them. We hang out. We wait on the spirit of God to open doors for us to say the right words.


Please pray about giving to the salvation of the people of SE Asia and North America.

Are you able to give a large gift? Please pray about giving a gift of $1000, $5000 or more toward God’s mission in Cambodia and SE Asia.

Mission In North America:

  • Do you want to start an Ohana (Family + Natural Network) movement in your community?  Ken is looking for a
    person or team who is willing to commit to this long term mission in your community. Ken will come alongside of you and be your coach.
  • Do you want to reach out to SE Asians on college campuses? Come to Long Beach and Ken will train you on how to reach out to SE Asians  on college campuses. You’ll have to either raise your own support or find a part time job in or around Long Beach.

What will this mission look like?
It is a mission bathe in prayer, faith, and action for a movement of God’s Kingdom:

  • Through families
  • Through communities
  • Through the workplace
  • Through the church