I greatly appreciate the leadership that Ken Kong gave to the Southeast Asian Leadership Summit. His vision, hard work, and faithfulness were key to making this event such a wonderful success. I believe God will continue to use Ken to help Southeast Asians as they continue to transition from first to future generations in America.

Steve Scoffone, Pastor of Global Outreach | Church of the Saviour, Wayne, PA

As a leader called by God to serve Asian American college ministries, not a day goes by that the task seems huge. I wonder who are we to claim to serve such a broad reach – Asian America represents many people groups. But God knows no one person can do it all, and brings us co-laborers. I am thankful to God to affirm and utilize Ken’s efforts and assistance as a networker/connector of Southeast Asians to better serve Asian Americans.

Melanie Mar Chow Asian American Christian Fellowship, the campus ministries division of JEMS

At this historic moment in the U.S., South and Southeast Asians now outnumber East Asians presenting new and challenging ministry opportunities. It excites me to see God raise such a gifted leader for his church like Ken Kong, who brings much passion and creativity to this task. Ken faithfully steps into this call to reach the emerging generation of Southeast Asian Americans.

Gregory J. Ye, Superintendent | Pacific Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church

Ken Kong is the most well connected national Southeast Asian Christian leader I have met. He is a diligent, influential, and humble leader who we must support to enable the Southeast Asian community to contextually reach their people for Christ.

Tommy Dyo, National Executive Director | Epic Movement

Ken Kong is a leader of new leaders in the Asian American Christian community, I appreciate his passion, servanthood, and faithfulness in serving Southeast Asians; his love for Jesus is evident in all he does.

Russell Jeung, Ph.D., Professor | Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University

Ken Kong is playing a pivotal role in bringing together Southeast Asian ministry leaders from around the nation. His leadership in creating community and synergy among these many leaders will undoubtedly enhance their collective ministry effectiveness in reaching Southeast Asians for Jesus Christ in the years to come.

Winsome Wu, Executive Director | Asian American Leadership Center

All of us who have stood on the shoulders of those who have gone before us now need to extend our shoulders for the next generation of faithful, visionary leaders to stand upon. East Asian American leaders have been doing this for each other for several generations. We now have the privilege to do so for our sisters and brothers who are emerging as leaders in the Southeast Asian community. Ken Kong is one of those leaders. He did an excellent job leading the first Southeast Asian Leadership Conference. I commend his ministry to you.

Paul Tokunaga, Vice President, Director of Strategic Ministries | InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, USA

Ken Kong was the prime mover behind the historic, first-ever Southeast Asian Leadership Conference in 2006, and then follow-up Conferences every two years since then. Starting with little more than a burden and a dream, he built a full leadership team and has gathered participants from all over the country. God is using Ken’s vision and perseverance to provide essential leadership for this new generation of Southeast Asian American Christians that is now coming of age. I consider this new movement an inspiring model of networking, cross-cultural learning, community healing, and ministry empowerment.

Russell Yee, Ph.D./Author | Worship on the Way: Exploring Asian North American Christian Experience

GOD has raised up a “Joshua-type” for today:  Ken Kong.  Ken shares the Lord’s deep burden for Southeast Asians and is leading the second generation SE Asian Americans into the Kingdom’s “Promise Land.”  How?  He regularly prays for laborers.  He mobilizes and equips them to focus on praying for and reaching their extended families and natural networks.  Then he leads them to their land of heritage to love their extended families into GOD’s eternal “Promise Land.”  Ken’s modeling this with his own family, it’s not theory or some head-trip!  GOD makes it work!

Tom Steers, Founder and Leader | Asian American Ministries, The Navigators

Ken Kong has been a great partner in ministering to Southeast Asians, and I’m encouraged by his willingness to open up his networks and resources to help me have greater understanding and awareness. I’m a big fan!

Rev. James Choung, National Director | InterVarsity Evangelism | www.jameschoung.net | @jameschoung

Ken’s method and ministry among the SE Asians has been nothing short of transformational.  Transformational in raising up new leaders to step up to the challenge of bringing the gospel to the next generation.  I recently ran into a gentleman who went along with Ken on a short-term missions trip and was overjoyed to hear that he felt called into missions because of it.  I feel the impact to Ken’s ministry can be largely attributed to his incarnational living.  He truly is Christ to those he ministers to & with!

Rev. Meng Mua, Senior Pastor | New Life in Christ Church in Brooklyn Park