Need A Speaker?

God has blessed Ken with certain topics on which he can speak. Here is a list of, but not limited to, topics:

Keynote Speaking:

  • Southeast Asian in Leadership
  • The Father heart of God and how it relates to Asian/Southeast Asians
  • Mission to Southeast Asia
  • Family evangelism
  • Urban ministry among/with Southeast Asians
  • God’s journey through Ken’s life
  • The power of prayer for a community
  • Teach from the Bible (Ken was a pastor for over 10 years)


  • Southeast Asians issues: Gangs, poverty and etc.
  • Mission to the family: Reaching our families for Christ
  • Southeast Asian culture & ministry
  • Intergenerational healing: 1st gen/next gen
  • Developing next generation ministry
  • Reaching the urban Southeast Asian community
  • Discipleship
  • Leading short-term mission
  • Fundraising for Southeast Asians
  • Community healing
  • Ministries to next generation SE Asians/Asian Americans young adults


  • Southeast Asian culture
  • Ken has consulted churches, seminaries, mission movements, para-church organizations, and conferences

You can listen to some of Ken’s presentation on the Resources page.

If you want to book Ken for your church, camp, conference, or worship service, please use the  or .

For ministries that can afford for Ken to come out to your event, he ask that you cover his travel, lodging, and provide him with an honorarium. Please write the honorarium to “The Navigators.”

For ministries that are on a tight budget please do not be discouraged. Let’s talk about the various options in what you can offer so that He can be a part of your event.


Please write it out to “The Navigators.” If you plan on mailing the honorarium. Mail it to: Ken Kong, PO BOX 4568, Long Beach, CA 90804

Ken’s Short Bio

*Feel free to cut and paste this bio

“Ken Kong serves the Southeast Asian and Asian American community as Director of the Southeast Asian Catalyst, Southeast Asian Ministries of The Navigators, and a consultant for urban ministry.”

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